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I’m Elizabeth Shay but feel free to call me Liz.

I love to tell stories, to entertain, to inspire, to inform. When you’re struggling to find just the right words to reach your audience, whether online, in print or via social media, I’m here to help. I’m a writer and editor who loves finding the right words for motherhood, marriage and all the magical, messy moments in between (food, fashion, beauty and blooms, bring it on.)

I’d be honored to help you tell your own story, whether it be your own personal tale or your company’s mission. Shoot me a message and let’s see what we can create.

Elizabeth Shay

I love to tell stories

To entertain, inspire and inform
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I’m a writer and editor who specializes in content about the most love-filled experiences in life: weddings and having babies. They may be my specialty but I’ve put pen to paper for a whole lot of other lifestyle topics as well (oysters, makeup tips and tricks, and Malbecs to name just a few).


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