Dear Bode, on your 1st birthday

Dear Bode, on your first birthday, Everyone tells you that time flies with a baby and sure enough, here we are, a year since you exited my body and entered the big, wide world… and it’s all been a beautiful blur. But it’s been the most magical, wonderful, clearest of...

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Here I go again

Well hello friends, new and old! Well, here I go again. Starting up a blog (let’s just say there have been a handful of attempts in my past) but this one here, well, I’m gonna stick to it. I feel it. I’m putting it out into the universe, because that’s what you’re...

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About Me

I’m Elizabeth Shay but feel free to call me Liz. I love to tell stories, to entertain, to inspire, to inform. 
Welcome to my little space for memories, musings and more.