Dear Bode, on your first birthday,

Everyone tells you that time flies with a baby and sure enough, here we are, a year since you exited my body and entered the big, wide world… and it’s all been a beautiful blur.

But it’s been the most magical, wonderful, clearest of blurs I ever had the gift of living. From those sweet, sweet moments in the hospital to taking you home and witnessing as our lives turned upside down, without a doubt, it’s been the most amazing year of my life.

My dear Bode, you took hold of my life, a very full and wonderful and love and laughter filled life, and enriched it in ways I truly didn’t know were ever possible. All of those motherhood cliches? Yup, they’re true. You made your Dada and I stronger and kinder, tougher and softer, all at the same time. We grew up this year too, right alongside of you. Some days (and nights) were really hard, you pushed us in ways we’ve never been pushed. But then the sun would rise and you’d giggle and that sound, the best sound in the entire world I’ve decided, washed those tired worries and unknowns away in seconds.

You brought immense joy to our families and friends, more than you will ever fully understand. You are the brightest of lights in all our lives and we count our lucky stars every single night, oh so grateful for you.

On this special birthday, the first of many, many, many, I wish you continued laughter and smiles. Giggles and lots and lots of love. I wish you adventure, and exploration and snuggles always. Your Mama and Dada love you to the moon and back and will always be right here, guiding you whenever needed… but I have a feeling you’ll be doing just as much guiding for us.

It’s been an amazing year but you know what’s the best part? We’re only just getting started.

Happy birthday my beautiful blue-eyed boy. I love you today, tomorrow and forever.

Photo credit: Liz Denfeld

Your Mama xoxo